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  1. Mr Edikan Ayah

    Apr 11, 18 05:31 AM

    I am a young and talented Artist that believe that every we see touch or feel, can be express through drawing and painting, all the art works here are

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  2. Chris Kirby

    Feb 15, 18 05:32 AM

    Chris Kirby is a documentary photographer and visual artist, based in the UK. He explores areas of Africa social context including: culture and identity,

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  3. Anne Mwiti

    Jan 10, 18 08:08 AM

    My art is based on the African contemporary life styles, ideologies, locations and relations. It employs various materials, techniques and styles through

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  4. Contemporary African patterns

    Jan 09, 18 08:26 AM

    Creating a pattern is an applied art. Patterns can have great impact.... be it subtle or dramatic

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  5. Contemporary African Recycled Art

    Jan 06, 18 10:00 AM

    Recycled art is usually recognised as the employment of garbage and found items in the process of making art

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  6. African Photography

    Dec 04, 17 04:13 PM

    African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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  7. African musical instruments

    Nov 27, 17 12:25 PM

    The following are some of the African musical instruments used throughout the continent, primarily sub-Saharan:

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  8. African drums

    Nov 22, 17 09:09 AM

    Traditionally, the drum was the heartbeat, the soul of most African communities.

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  9. African music

    Nov 18, 17 03:05 PM

    Performing music and making African musical instruments is an integral part of most communities and it varies not only from country to country but from village to village

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  10. Contemporary African Artists

    Nov 03, 17 01:34 AM

    I believe that contemporary African artists are faced with an enormous challenge right now

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