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  1. Documenting the Periwinkle and aquatic Culture of the Nembe people in visual form

    Oct 13, 17 03:51 AM

    Pamela Cyril-Egware is a textile and fashion artist. She is a senior lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is researching intensively

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  2. Kuba Decor by Whispers, Antique Alley Mall, Las Vegas

    Oct 11, 17 05:34 AM

    My Gallery has been open exactly nine days. It's small to the eye but it's growing and treasures abound. I have studied the BaKuba Tribe of the Democratic

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  3. Private Gallery Napier

    Oct 03, 17 01:06 PM

    Fine Art Photography with landscapes and imaginaries of Herman van Bon. Yvonne de Wit is a jewelry designer and creates her signature pieces using South

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  4. African Modernists

    Sep 20, 17 06:09 AM

    In the 1940s African art was primarily associated with 'primitivism' and its influence on cubism and other forms of post impressionistic art. African Modernists had not yet made an impact.

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  5. Contemporary African patterns

    Sep 18, 17 01:46 PM

    Creating a pattern is an applied art. Patterns can have great impact.... be it subtle or dramatic

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  6. African patterns

    Sep 12, 17 05:57 AM

    Africa has a wealth of patterns, everywhere you look you will see repetitions of shapes, colours, textures, lines laid out in all sorts of arrangements

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  7. Keith Zenda, Painter

    Jul 24, 17 06:40 AM

    Born in 1985, Chirumanzu rural areas, Zimbabwe, I am the first born in a family of 4 boys. I realized my art talent at the very young age of 6 years old

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  8. David Chinyama, Painter, mixed media

    Jul 24, 17 06:36 AM

    Born in 1976 in Harare, my work is reflective of the social aspects of human traditions and cultures in relationship to their surroundings. I endeavor

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  9. Cosmos Shiridzinomwa, Painter

    Jul 24, 17 05:50 AM

    I live and work in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am a painter and a lecturer. I seek to engage at all levels, trying to reach out across all spectrums while staying

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  10. Contemporary African Photography

    Jul 16, 17 06:36 AM

    Contemporary African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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