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Contemporary African Photography

Contemporary African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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African Culture

In Africa, rich and diverse cultures exist from country to country

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Contemporary African Clothing

Africa remains an exciting source of inspiration for designers as there is such a wealth of print and ornamentation.

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Abadi-a-ingo(oceans rich treasures)

Pamela Cyril-Egware is a textiles and fashion designer. She is a senior lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts & Design, University of Port Harcourt,

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Art workshops

In 1944, John Koenakeefe Mohl's 'White Studio' in Sophia town, Johannesburg laid the foundation for the establishment of fine art by black artists in South Africa and Art workshops

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African Modernists

In the 1940s African art was primarily associated with 'primitivism' and its influence on cubism and other forms of post impressionistic art. African Modernists had not yet made an impact.

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Contemporary African Artists

I believe that contemporary African artists are faced with an enormous challenge right now

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MANDIONE LAYE KEBE| MLK Art Director | Photographer | !#Africanphotography - #Senegal From Dakar-Senegal west Africa

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Contemporary african basketry

Contemporary African baskets have achieved their own artistic merit and can stand on their own as art forms.

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Contemporary African pottery

Contemporary African pottery is characterized by an eloquence of form and a finesse of finish that one does not generally expect in a vessel of utility.

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South African Rural Sculpture

South Africa has a rich rural carving tradition.

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Achraf Baznani

Achraf Baznani, a self-taught artist photographer, inserts himself into his own imaginative, dream-like worlds to create fascinating art.he loves surrealism

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African drums

Traditionally, the drum was the heartbeat, the soul of most African communities.

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African sculpture

Mainly field collected while staying for 11 years in Africa from the 70's to the 90's. (DRC,Sudan,Bénin,Togo,Niger). See collection at

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kahari wholesale sculptures and paintings

Wholesale African sculptures for sale comprising of masks, drums, animal figurines, carved/printed horn, beautiful printed African bowls and plates to

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Resistance Art

In South Africa the years 1968-1971 saw a window for relatively free expression before the Government clamped down on cultural groups linked to the Black Consciousness movement

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About me

About me, contemporary African art and Bronwen Evans

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South African Modernists

Modernism is a term applied to the innovative development of the arts in the 20th C which saw a break with realism and naturalism and other such traditional art forms

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South African Art

So much has been written and documented about South African Art, particularly in the past two decades.

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African musical instruments

Performing music and making African musical instruments is an integral part of most communities and it varies not only from country to country but from village to village

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The ancient Dogon tribe of Mali is a fascinating but vanishing one

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African decor

African decor can be hugely dynamic, creative and inspiring

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Africa's Arts

Tribal Arts are songs for the soul. Africa's Arts main focus is on unusual and not the more common African Art. Terracotta is our first love and items

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Stephanie Bester - Visual Art

I commenced art, allowing brush and paint to guide my journey in becoming an artist specializing in figurative bronze sculptures. I use a concept, inspired

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Kuba Decor by Whispers

My name is Bettye Carter and along with Michelle Edmonds we started Pillow Talk by Whispers over four years ago. Pillow Talk by Whispers offers Luxury,

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mrs stephanie bester

bronze sculptures

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mrs stephanie bester

bronze sculptures

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the changing role of women

MY STORY For years I have been known as a nurse or ˝the doctor’s wife˝, roles I gladly accepted, but knowing that the seeds of something far bigger lay

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mrs stephanie bester

Exhibition on now at af'l'artigiano i fiera hall 5 stand f68 of my sculptures.

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mrs stephanie bester

I am a south african sculpture artist, working in bronze. My theme goes about relationships. The lost wax method is used in casting my sculptures and

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