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Owusu-Ankomah b 1956, Sekondi, Ghana

Most popularly renowned for his bold canvases, this contemporary African artist combines traditional Akan, adinkra symbols together with strong-bodied, male figures to create unique and exciting artwork.

Owusu-Ankomah now works in Brennan, Germany, a town he left his birthplace for in 1986 and still resides in.

His early work focused on rock paintings and masquerades but his later work with symbolic imagery starts to deal with themes concerning identity and form in a more modern sense... while still incorporating his heritage. It is important for him that the past is remembered and acknowledged so that one can live more consciously in the present... and be ambitious for a positive future.

By placing a number of symbols on each canvas he is projecting a collective wisdom from the past.

He likes to draw, his figures are beautifully proportioned if somewhat exaggerated in form. They are succinctly defined by a thin red or grey outline against the patterned or plain background. 

He has held many solo exhibitions around Europe, Africa and the States, also partaking in important group exhibitions like "Journeys and Destinations" at the National Museum of African Art, Washington in 2003 and "Africa Remix" in Johannesburg, 2004.

October Gallery, London hold frequent exhibitions to promote his work and he attends Joburg Art Fair and Dak'Art on a regular basis.

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