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  1. Soly Cisse

    Sep 21, 18 01:11 PM

    Soly Cisse b 1969 Dakar, Senegal. This multi-faceted, hugely talented contemporary African artist is first and foremost a painter

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  2. African musical instruments

    Sep 16, 18 02:31 AM

    The following are some of the African musical instruments used throughout the continent, primarily sub-Saharan:

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  3. Abu-Bakarr-Mansaray

    Sep 13, 18 04:23 PM

    Abu-Bakarr-Mansaray b 1970, Tongo This unique artist from Sierra Leone is a fabulously individualistic designer and inventor.

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  4. Cheri Cherin

    Aug 27, 18 02:27 AM

    Cheri Cherin b 1955, Kinshasa. Primarily a narrative painter, Cherin (real name Joseph Kinkonda), lives and works in Kinshasa, DRC.

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  5. Ghada Amer

    Aug 27, 18 02:26 AM

    Ghada Amer b 1963, Egypt. A contemporary, African-born artist who currently lives and works in NYC, she attained her MFA in painting in Nice, France. She is known primarily for her painted and textura…

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  6. Bruce Onobrakpeya

    Aug 26, 18 04:12 PM

    Onobrakpeya, Bruce b 1932, Nigeria. Today this highly regarded African artist still practices and works at his studio on the outskirts of Lagos (where he has created art for over 50 years)

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  7. El Anatsui

    Aug 25, 18 03:25 AM

    El Anatsui b 1944, Anyako, Ghana. This contemporary African artist lives and works between his birthplace Ghana and his adopted place of residence, Nigeria

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  8. Romuald Hazoume

    Aug 25, 18 03:23 AM

    Romuald Hazoume b 1962, Porto Novo, Benin. A multi-disciplinary 3D artist/sculptor, this contemporary African artist works with recycled materials, photography, film-making and assemblage

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  9. Samba Cherie

    Aug 23, 18 03:07 AM

    Samba Cherie b 1956, DRC. This contemporary African artist lives and works between Kinshasa and Paris but essentially sees himself as a ‘Kinshasa’ man.

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  10. Yinka Shonibare

    Aug 23, 18 03:06 AM

    Yinka Shonibare, b 1962, UK/Nigeria. Born in the UK, this contemporary African artist moved to Lagos as a 3 yr-old and then returned to London to go to Art College

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