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  1. African musical instruments

    Mar 15, 19 05:55 AM

    The following are some of the African musical instruments used throughout the continent, primarily sub-Saharan:

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  2. Marlene Dumas

    Mar 14, 19 08:58 AM

    Marlene Dumas b 1953, South Africa.This extraordinary artist, famous for her figurative work

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    Mar 10, 19 01:16 PM

    The African Portal is the gate way to African Art and Culture we promote all African Cultures and display African Art and Ideologies. We professionalize

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  4. The last riflemen from Mauritania of Yéro DJIGO

    Feb 19, 19 06:42 AM

    Biography of Yéro DJIGO I am a photographer and video reporter from Mauritania. For the last ten years, I have been working all around Mauritania and West

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  5. Lin Barrie Art

    Feb 15, 19 04:22 AM

    Lin Barrie, Artist Statement I graduated after a three year Fine Art Diploma in Printmaking at Durban Art College, with Painting, Ceramics and Sculpture

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  6. Contemporary African Recycled Art

    Feb 11, 19 01:31 PM

    Recycled art is one of the most dynamic forms of contemporary art in Africa.

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  7. Ghada Amer

    Feb 11, 19 08:51 AM

    Ghada Amer b 1963, Egypt. A contemporary, African-born artist who currently lives and works in NYC, she attained her MFA in painting in Nice, France. She is known primarily for her painted and textura…

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  8. Malangatana

    Feb 11, 19 08:41 AM

    Valente Malangatana Ngwena (1936 -2011) Born in Malatana, Southern Mozambique, Valente Malangatana Ngwena is Mozambique’s most renowned artist

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  9. Prince Twins Seven Seven

    Feb 11, 19 08:37 AM

    Prince Twins Seven-Seven, (1944 – 2011) from Ibadan, Nigeria. This multi-dimensional African artist could set his hand and mind to many things.

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  10. Adebesin Adedamola

    Jan 30, 19 03:25 AM

    I am an artist specializing in painting. My main medium are OIL, ACRYLIC, GRAPHITE AND PASTEL. I am a full time, studio artist.

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