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  1. AdedejiAkinkunmi

    Jul 26, 21 05:04 AM

    Adedeji Akinkunmi is a digital artist, born and bred in Nigeria, where he lived all his life before moving to the Uk to gain his masters degree. Adedeji

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  2. African Photography

    Jul 01, 21 08:15 AM

    African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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  3. Crochet Creations

    Jun 23, 21 09:55 AM

    Mixed media crochet creations by a Proudly South African textile artist.

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  4. Contemporary African pottery

    Jun 17, 21 09:37 AM

    Contemporary African pottery is characterized by an eloquence of form and a finesse of finish that one does not generally expect in a vessel of utility.

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  5. Kuba Cloth

    Apr 17, 21 01:53 PM

    Kuba Cloth

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  6. Kente Cloth

    Mar 31, 21 09:24 AM

    Kente Cloth, Ghana

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  7. The Mother City

    Mar 15, 21 03:37 AM

    The Mother Cityis the nickname given to Cape Town city in South Africa. A city that is still to this day haunted by apartheid spatial planning and has

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  8. Ancient Boma furniture and paintings

    Mar 08, 21 02:17 AM

    Ancient Boma specializes in African Art adorned furniture, accessories and paintings. The art is hand-drawn and inspired by different cultures of Africa.

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  9. Wangechi Mutu

    Feb 18, 21 04:12 AM

    Wangechi Mutu

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  10. Edward-Saidi Tingatinga

    Feb 15, 21 02:53 AM

    Edward-Saidi Tingatinga (1932-1972) b Tanzania. The originator of the style of painting which has taken his name as its title.

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