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  1. African Craft

    May 03, 22 06:01 AM

    Immediately, with the phrase African craft one enters into the realm of what is art and what is craft?

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    Feb 18, 22 02:24 AM

    OUR STORY Tribal African Crafts (TAC) is an online business founded by a young Kenyan couple, David and Rita who are both lovers of African art. Coincidentally,

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  3. Contemporary African Clothing

    Feb 04, 22 10:51 AM

    Africa remains an exciting source of inspiration for designers as there is such a wealth of print and ornamentation.

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  4. Contemporary Textile Installation Artists

    Feb 04, 22 03:34 AM

    contemporary textile installation artists

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  5. Contemporary African Tapestry

    Feb 04, 22 03:24 AM

    Contemporary African Tapestry

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  6. Edward-Saidi Tingatinga

    Jan 24, 22 02:37 AM

    Edward-Saidi Tingatinga (1932-1972) b Tanzania. The originator of the style of painting which has taken his name as its title.

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  7. African sculpture

    Jan 07, 22 08:27 AM

    African sculpture takes many forms and offers us huge insights into the cultures and tribal communities from whence it came

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  8. Contemporary Sculpture

    Jan 07, 22 07:53 AM

    Contemporary Sculpture

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  9. Contemporary African Textile Art

    Jan 04, 22 04:59 AM

    contemporary african textile art

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  10. Tribal African Crafts

    Nov 25, 21 11:54 AM

    Tribal African Crafts is a Kenyan based company that sells handmade, authentic African crafts which are used as home decor, souvenirs, collectibles and

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