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  1. Bodys Isek Kingelez

    Nov 14, 18 02:45 PM

    Kingelez, Bodys Isek, (1948 - 2015), b Kinshasa, DRC. As a contemporary African artist, this self-taught sculptor is known for the creation of his fantastical cities..

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  2. The Art Company Gallery Casablanca

    Oct 26, 18 02:06 AM

    The Art Company has been working for more than 20 years in Communication through Art, the promotion of Contemporary Art and African artists. In 2017,

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  3. African Slavery

    Oct 21, 18 03:58 AM

    African Slavery.... Slavery can be simply defined as the activity of having slaves or where individuals are owned by other individuals.

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  4. Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi

    Oct 21, 18 02:09 AM

    Chuu Krydz Ikwuemesi (b. 1967), painter, art critic, ethno-aesthetician and cultural entrepreneur, has a BA (First Class Honours) in Fine and Applied Arts,

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  5. Julien Sinzogan

    Oct 18, 18 08:36 AM

    Julien Sinzogan b 1957, Benin. Lives and works in Paris. His work is defined by 2 things, Yoruba culture, (specifically Vodun religion) and African slavery.

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  6. The Fire Painter

    Oct 17, 18 03:02 AM

    I use a tachnique called Fire Painting A:What is fire painting? *Fire painting is a technique that incorporates drawing and painting images on paper

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  7. Contemporary African patterns

    Oct 10, 18 02:39 AM

    Creating a pattern is an applied art. Patterns can have great impact.... be it subtle or dramatic

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  8. Nnenna Okore

    Oct 03, 18 01:29 AM

    Nnenna Okore b 1975, Australia. Raised mainly in Nsukka, Nigeria Okore currently resides and works between Chicago and Nigeria. She has emerged as one of the foremost artists of her generation

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  9. Edward-Saidi Tingatinga

    Oct 01, 18 08:02 AM

    Edward-Saidi Tingatinga (1932-1972) b Tanzania. The originator of the style of painting which has taken his name as its title.

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  10. Soly Cisse

    Sep 21, 18 01:11 PM

    Soly Cisse b 1969 Dakar, Senegal. This multi-faceted, hugely talented contemporary African artist is first and foremost a painter

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