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  1. Dilomprizulike

    Apr 28, 18 03:34 PM

    Dil Humphrey-Umezulike, better known as Dilomprizulike is a contemporary artist working in sculpture, performance and painting

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  2. Cheri Cherin

    Apr 28, 18 03:18 PM

    Primarily a narrative painter, Cheri Cherin (real name Joseph Kinkonda), lives and works in Kinshasa, DRC.

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  3. Ghada Amer

    Apr 28, 18 02:10 PM

    A contemporary, African-born artist who currently lives and works in NYC, she attained her MFA in painting in Nice, France

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  4. Cyprien Tokoudagba

    Apr 27, 18 06:13 AM

    This acclaimed African artist was a painter and sculptor who hailed from Abomey, Benin.

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  5. Bruce Onobrakpeya

    Apr 27, 18 06:01 AM

    Today this highly regarded African artist still practices and works at his studio on the outskirts of Lagos (where he has created art for over 50 years) and at his workshop in Agbara Otor, his hometow…

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  6. Julie Mehretu

    Apr 27, 18 05:52 AM

    This phenomenally meteoric, contemporary African artist is best known for her dense, layered abstract art littered with gestural markings.

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  7. Georges Lilanga-di-Nyama

    Apr 25, 18 04:50 PM

    Born into the Makonde tribe in the Masai district of southern Tanzania, Georges Lilonga-di-Nyama grew up to become part of a long tradition of artists

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  8. William Kentridge

    Apr 25, 18 10:03 AM

    Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, this legendary artist has no limitations.

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  9. Willie Bester

    Apr 25, 18 09:41 AM

    This extra-ordinary, visionary African artist has played an essential role in the developing maturity of contemporary South African art.

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  10. Frederic Bruly Bouabre

    Apr 25, 18 08:53 AM

    This acclaimed African artist first drew attention for his work exhibited in the ‘Magiciens de la Terre’ Exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 1989

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