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Contemporary African Art Blog

Contemporary African Art Blog


Mobolade Aregbesola is a Nigerian born digital artist, where he lived all his life before moving to the U.K In his search for creative endeavours, he

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Kuba Cloth

Kuba Cloth

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Our Africa-gallery specializes in Ethiopian tribal art, collects and sells tribal used art from all over Africa and especially from Ethiopia. Our Gallery

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Kente Cloth

Kente Cloth, Ghana

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Baho is an African registered clothing brand that means Live'. Created this brand as a way of expressing hope among Africans through fashion. Baho is

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I am a self made artist inspired by nature. My paintings are done on canvas, fabric and any other material. Having grown up on the outskirts of the

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Bogolan mud cloth

Bogolan mud cloth

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Contemporary African Textile Art

contemporary african textile art

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Contemporary African pottery

Contemporary African pottery is characterized by an eloquence of form and a finesse of finish that one does not generally expect in a vessel of utility.

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Soul Searcher

Ben Onuorah is a Fine Artist (painting and drawing) and Computer Scientist. He had his art education at Yaba College of Technology, University of Nigeria,

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Adorn Home, Kenya

Adorn Home is an Eco Sustainable Home & Lifestyle Store based in Nairobi, Kenya. We create beautifully designed pieces by utilizing the earth, foliage,

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African Clothing

African clothing commonly refers to the traditional clothing worn by the people of Africa.

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Abu-Bakarr-Mansaray b 1970, Tongo This unique artist from Sierra Leone is a fabulously individualistic designer and inventor.

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African Craft

Immediately, with the phrase African craft one enters into the realm of what is art and what is craft?

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OUR STORY Tribal African Crafts (TAC) is an online business founded by a young Kenyan couple, David and Rita who are both lovers of African art. Coincidentally,


Contemporary African Clothing

Africa remains an exciting source of inspiration for designers as there is such a wealth of print and ornamentation.

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Contemporary Textile Installation Artists

contemporary textile installation artists

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Contemporary African Tapestry

Contemporary African Tapestry

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Edward-Saidi Tingatinga

Edward-Saidi Tingatinga (1932-1972) b Tanzania. The originator of the style of painting which has taken his name as its title.

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African sculpture

African sculpture takes many forms and offers us huge insights into the cultures and tribal communities from whence it came

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Contemporary Sculpture

Contemporary Sculpture

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Tribal African Crafts

Tribal African Crafts is a Kenyan based company that sells handmade, authentic African crafts which are used as home decor, souvenirs, collectibles and

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Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African Art is difficult to categorize just as singularly defining 'art' in the 21st Century is virtually impossible.

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Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture

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Designer/artist - Zakayo Crafts

I am a young developing artist who developed a new technique of manipulating calabash a few months back transforming it to modern and local artifacts

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South African Rural Sculpture

South Africa has a rich rural carving tradition.

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Carol Preston

In my art practice I construct Skins that grow and change. The Object is often the residue left behind from any form of transference. In this transition

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Adedeji Akinkunmi is a digital artist, born and bred in Nigeria, where he lived all his life before moving to the Uk to gain his masters degree. Adedeji

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African Photography

African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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Crochet Creations

Mixed media crochet creations by a Proudly South African textile artist.

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