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Contemporary African Art Blog

Contemporary African Art Blog

Cheri Cherin

chacun a son cheri

Cheri Cherin b 1955, Kinshasa. Primarily a narrative painter, Cherin (real name Joseph Kinkonda), lives and works in Kinshasa, DRC.

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Ghada Amer

the kiss amer ghada

Ghada Amer b 1963, Egypt. A contemporary, African-born artist who currently lives and works in NYC, she attained her MFA in painting in Nice, France. She is known primarily for her painted and textural thread art

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Cyprien Tokoudagba

tokoudagba leopard

Tokoudagba Cyprien (1939 - 2012), Benin. This acclaimed African artist was a painter and sculptor who hailed from Abomey

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Bruce Onobrakpeya

bruce onobrakopeya print

Onobrakpeya, Bruce b 1932, Nigeria. Today this highly regarded African artist still practices and works at his studio on the outskirts of Lagos (where he has created art for over 50 years)

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Julie Mehretu


Julie Mehretu b 1970, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.This phenomenally meteoric, contemporary African artist is best known for her dense, layered abstract art..

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Georges Lilanga-di-Nyama

lilanga banquet

Lilanga di Nyama, Georges b early 1940’s into the Makonde tribe in the Masai district of southern Tanzania, Georges Lilonga-di-Nyama grew up to become part of a long tradition of artists

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William Kentridge

kentridge installation sweetly

William Kentridge b 1955, South Africa. This brilliant, contemporary African artist is best known for his charcoal drawings and his film work

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Willie Bester

willie bester

Willie Bester, b 1956, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa. This extra-ordinary, visionary African artist has played an essential role in the developing maturity of contemporary South African art

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Frederic Bruly Bouabre

Bouabre group

Frederic Bruly Bouabre (1923 – 2014) Born in Zéprégühé, Ivory Coast / died Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

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Hassan Musa

hassan musa calligraphy

Hassan Musa b 1951, Sudan/France. Painter, (ink on textiles or canvas), calligrapher, illustrator, tapestry and performance artist.

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Prince Twins Seven Seven

devils dog seven-seven

Prince Twins Seven-Seven, (1944 – 2011) from Ibadan, Nigeria. This multi-dimensional African artist could set his hand and mind to many things.

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Barthelemy Toguo

road to exile

Barthelemy Toguo b 1967, Cameroon. Primarily a painter, this African artist lives between his home country and France

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Owusu Ankomah

double take brooklyn kowusu-ankomah

Owusu-Ankomah b 1956, Sekondi, Ghana. Most popularly renowned for his bold canvases, this contemporary African artist combines traditional Akan, adinkra symbols together with strong-bodied, male figures

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Yinka Shonibare

scramble for africa yinka

Yinka Shonibare, b 1962, UK/Nigeria. Born in the UK, this contemporary African artist moved to Lagos as a 3 yr-old and then returned to London to go to Art College

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Bodys Isek Kingelez

kingelez ville fantome

Kingelez, Bodys Isek, (1948 - 2015), b Kinshasa, DRC. As a contemporary African artist, this self-taught sculptor is known for the creation of his fantastical cities..

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Richard Onyango

1045 tana bus onyango

Richard Onyango. Born in Kisii, this contemporary African artist continues to live in his home country in a town called Malindi.Born in Kisii, this contemporary African artist continues to live in his home country in a town called Malindi.

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Romuald Hazoume

romuald hazoume untitled

Romuald Hazoume b 1962, Porto Novo, Benin. A multi-disciplinary 3D artist/sculptor, this contemporary African artist works with recycled materials, photography, film-making and assemblage

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El Anatsui

anatsui NY times

El Anatsui b 1944, Anyako, Ghana. This contemporary African artist lives and works between his birthplace Ghana and his adopted place of residence, Nigeria

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Samba Cherie

samba carte

Samba Cherie b 1956, DRC. This contemporary African artist lives and works between Kinshasa and Paris but essentially sees himself as a ‘Kinshasa’ man.

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African decor

driftwood counter

African decor can be hugely dynamic, creative and inspiring

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Contemporary African Artists

CTAF showcase art

I believe that contemporary African artists are faced with an enormous challenge right now

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Contemporary African Bead Art

tameu mrxstitch

Contemporary beading in Africa takes on many forms..

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Contemporary African Clothing

african black culture fashion

Africa remains an exciting source of inspiration for designers as there is such a wealth of print and ornamentation.

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African patterns

african canvases 07

Africa has a wealth of patterns, everywhere you look you will see repetitions of shapes, colours, textures, lines laid out in all sorts of arrangements

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African Photography

pieter hugo hyena handlers

African photography is an area where African artists have long expressed their individuality as far back as the 1840's

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Contemporary African pottery

odundu orange

Contemporary African pottery is characterized by an eloquence of form and a finesse of finish that one does not generally expect in a vessel of utility.

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Contemporary African Recycled Art

beautiful struggle johnson zuze

Recycled art is one of the most dynamic forms of contemporary art in Africa.

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Contemporary Sculpture

Angus taylor-composite portrait

Contemporary Sculpture

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Contemporary African Tapestry

athi-putra tapestry

Contemporary African Tapestry

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Contemporary African Textile Art

mahama-installation accra

contemporary african textile art

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