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by Adedeji Akinkunmi
(Hatfield, United Kingdom)



Adedeji Akinkunmi is a digital artist, born and bred in Nigeria, where he lived all his life before moving to the Uk to gain his masters degree. Adedeji fell in love with creating digital arts while he was still trying to gain his first degree in computer science at Ajayi Crowther university in Nigeria.

He quickly joined a group of young digital artists to learn the techniques of the art. Soon after, he became fascinated with surrealism and the ability to create an out of the world imagination through digital means. His works are sometimes inspired by dreams.
Adedeji believes that we exist in two forms, the physical and also in the subconscious, that is why our dreams are sometimes vivid, like we are actually living in the dream. Our subconcious mind is a representation of us in our conscious mind. If that is so, why not create arts that represents our subconcious?

Adedeji mixes the images of humans and animals to create a juxtaposition in his art works. His works are depictions of strangeness and confusion, also telling stories of love and sadness. They are a way of expressing himself and dealing with feelings of confusion and depression.

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