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Carol Preston

by Carol Preston
(South Africa)

Gated Skin 2020

Gated Skin 2020

In my art practice I construct Skins that grow and change.

The Object is often the residue left behind from any form of transference. In this transition the host leaves evidence behind which can be skin, scales, scars, wounds, debris, cuts, residue or shedding which is independent of the host. The objects are always non-specific and are deliberately constructed so that they are non representational but retain their own sovereignty and dignity.

My intention is to present these organic objects as part of an ensemble scenario where they are separate, but form part of a group.
Each object has memory embedded in its structure. Because the objects are not clearly recognisable and representative of something, the viewer is forced to draw on their own collective experience to decode the sight which is subjective and emotional.

The viewer’s experience of the objects, separate and collectively makes them part of the artwork.

I want my objects to be experimental, incomplete, hostile and vulnerable.

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