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Chris Kirby

From the series:

From the series:

Chris Kirby is a documentary photographer and visual artist, based in the UK. He explores areas of Africa social context including: culture and identity, historical perspectives, traditions and beliefs, socio-economic issues, marginalised communities, travel and tourism, including responsible and sustainable tourism.

Chris was born in London and was admitted to Kingston College of Art and Design (in the UK), later obtaining a diploma in journalism from the British College of Journalism.

In his recent work he attempts to push the boundaries of conventional documentary photography by applying elements of visual symbolism or visual language to his photography. He often embellishes his images with lines, marks and colouring to disrupt the conventional perspective associated with the medium and the subject matter – and in a nuanced way convey deeper meaning to the imagery.

Chris’s work has featured in numerous print and online publications, and has won recognition in international awards.
Most recently: Winner Black and White International Award, 2016,
Winner Black and Whiter Spider Awards, 2017, Winner LensCulture Exposure Awards, 2018.
He has been exhibited in the UK, Europe, and most recently at the Klompching Gallery in New York, USA.


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