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Cosmos Shiridzinomwa, Painter

I live and work in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am a painter and a lecturer.

I seek to engage at all levels, trying to reach out across all spectrums while staying true to himself. My subject matter is either political or social, I always have a comment to make and I strive to be courageous and consistent in all my visual articulations.

“For all my works to have a holistic meaning they need to link up with each and every one that I have produced... from when I started to where I am now. Somehow it has just been One Single Thread that has two ends.. a starting point and a finishing point.

So just looking at my early works, some which I still have in my collection, helps in breathing in some breath of inspiration to how I currently think and work.

I was recently asked, ‘where would you like to see your future go?’ And I replied;

“To anywhere where it will take me for as long as it’s not where I am coming from"...

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