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by Deborah
(Cape Town,South Africa)

Re-envisioned Red Basotho Blanket

Re-envisioned Red Basotho Blanket

Dumela - Hello

BASOTHO Blanket Coats
We custom make Coats and Jackets from the traditional BASOTHO blanket.
This iconic blanket is re-envisioned as contemporary stylish coats and jackets for both men and women.
These coats and jackets are individually hand cut and made in Cape Town, South Africa.

The story:
In 1860 the King of Lesotho was given a blanket as a gift, and he abandoned his traditional leopard-skin kaross in favour of the blanket. The Basotho people to this day use the blanket as an integral part of their lives. The designs have specific meanings; for example the corn cob symbolises fertility and prosperity.

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