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Ebenezer Agboola

by Ebenezer Agboola

Ebenezer Agboola spent his entire life in Nigeria, where he was born and raised, before relocating to the UK.
By experimenting with lens-based, photographic media, photo image making stimulates creativity. Photography is a rich art form with a lengthy history, strong ties to modern art, and limitless room for individual expression.
For his artistic work, Ebenezer Agboola use the camera as a tool and a method. He specialises in a range of artistic photography.
After a successful career as an art photographer, Ebenezer began doing art in 2013. His parents are his teachers.
Ebenezer uses a creative technique when taking photos. He creates his visuals to tell a story.
The result is a complex and timeless piece of art.
The raw photos he took with his camera were used as his canvas. They assisted him in expressing his ideas and ideals for the final images.
He strikes the perfect harmony between dark shadows and piercing light that only reveals certain objects. External flash is expertly used in the images to produce a strong dramatic effect. Ebenezer wants to bring authentic, enduring beauty into everyday life. It's all about enjoying yourself and being delighted. In reality, his extravagant creations' beauty reflects this.
Ebenezer has attended a number of cultural and artistic events, such as Holy Art. He believes that the photographer should use their images to spread a message and that the images have a purpose.
Because they are so capable of expressing strong emotions and sensations, his photography typically concentrates on the subject's eyes. Ebenezer is a fine-art photographer who utilises photography to express his artistic vision.

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