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Green Grub Art Gallery

(No.45 Gana Street, Galleria, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria)

At Green Grub, we exhibit great works from contemporary Nigerian Artists in the heart of the city, which is located in Maitama,Abuja. Our vision is to give you an experience while you view our pieces. It not just about selling the art but about bringing people together from all works of life to come and enjoy art and its aesthetic.

We conduct/organize exhibitions, and we are at the verge of establishing an art school for kids ages 6-15. We believe in the phrase "catch them young" which indeed is our motto.

Our mission is to develop raw talent and harness it among our future leader and it begins here and now! The world is changing and so is Art and therefore we have to move with the waves and establish something tangible for our future leaders.

"Art is never finished, it is only abandoned", Leonardo Da Vinci

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