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by Lesego Lekgoe
(Johannesburg, South Africa )

Hi my name is Lesego Lekgoe, a jewellery designer and founder of JEAN ( the rebirth of my initial company FANTACEPTS).

I'm also a fashion designer, commercial model, aspiring actor, presenter and overall I consider myself an artist.

I'm passionate about art and life. I engage or align myself with concepts that not only creates opportunities but also edifify me as a person, artist and daughter of the most high for I can impart it to the next person to serve the purpose of doing what I am called to do and enabling the manifestation of my gifts.

I make hand beaded Jewellery, peculiar pieces, with mixed mediums or materials like wood, sterling and genuine leather. Rooted in my spiritual journey hence the brand name JEAN (which means God is gracious/a gift from God, influenced by my fashion background and signified by art.

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