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Kuba Decor by Whispers, Antique Alley Mall, Las Vegas

by Bettye Carter
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

My Gallery has been open exactly nine days. It's small to the eye but it's growing and treasures abound. I have studied the BaKuba Tribe of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire and they are a fascinating people. I have authentic ceremonial mask, Kuba cloth squares, pillows and additional treasures I have collected.

I have recently added statues from Ghana and original Batiks from a known artist in Kenya.

I am very proud and happy to be open and ready to share my collection with you. Please visit us at the Antique Alley Mall, 1126 S. Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104.

I hope to see you soon.

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