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Percy Manyonga

by Percy Manyonga
(Harare, Zimbabwe)

Born in Goromonzi, rural Zimbabwe, I never want my work to become monotonous or boring. I like to play around with my technique and ideas so that people will always be looking for something new in me. I want to keep on changing and developing.”

In 2013 it occurred to me that when I had exhibitions, I always sold the small humorous sketches as well as the important pieces, usually landscapes. I decided I would develop that style and so headed towards figurative work, starting with faces and then adding figures.

A gallery in Johannesburg, Art Eye Gallery, loved my new pieces and agreed to take it... suddenly I was moving forward in a new and exciting creative direction. Lately, elements of landscape have been added to the figures. Initially the work was very small, but it has been getting bigger and this year some very large paintings have been executed.

I work in a variety of media, from ink and acrylics or oils through to graphite, charcoal, even ballpoint pen. I work on bond paper or oil on canvas for bigger work.

What is important to me is to bring an element of humour to my work; people must smile or laugh when they view it!


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