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“Rout Environs”

“Rout Environs”

My art is a direct reflection of the liberated self in the temporal here and now, as expressed through abject, anti-form and chance collaboration between psychology, physical action and material.

The use of temporary things and organic materials is a way of defying traditional categories with positing chance and continuous transformation in opposition to the stagnation of institutional art. Incorporation of organic and cheap materials, everyday object etc reviewed time and pain- developed through the natural process of decay rather than through the direct interference of artists’ hand.

The works were not to be fully controlled but to develop according to the environmental condition and which they are kept, temperature, humidity and light - continuing to alter it over time.

To enhance my inner spiritual process and materials is brought to the height of the spirit.

The project emphasized the role of process over product, as it reject the creation of representation of objects in favor of presentational modes of action that extended the boundaries of painting and sculpture into real time and space.

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