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Soul Searcher

by Ben Onuorah

The Seer

The Seer

Ben Onuorah is a Fine Artist (painting and drawing) and Computer Scientist. He had his art education at Yaba College of Technology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and University of Benin, where he graduated with National Diploma (N.D) in General Art, Bachelor's degree (B.A) in Fine and Applied Arts with Education and Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.) in Painting respectively.

He started the Osondu, Soul Searcher, and Spirit of Africa series of dazzling artwork with strokes effect. Osondu series are collections of over 100 cultural heritage drawings. These drawings are characterized in symmetric lines to portray different social-cultural phenomena. His drawings are inspired by the rich Igbo African tribe's philosophical ideology such as the Uli and Nsibidi designs.

In most of his artwork, pattern lines are deliberately organized to dazzle and mesmerize the Artist himself and the viewer to instill different motives, also having in them thin and thick lines to show off perpetual and concentric movements.

During each artistic creative process, the artist strives to soothe the complexity of the human mind, enhances thought processes, and magnifies our imagination. With either ink or with pen over paper or acrylic on canvas, he tells individual stories without necessarily planning the outcome that ends up making sense in the whole of life and narratives in other cultures.

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