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Special African paintings, Cedric Sinamuli

by Cedric Musema Sinamuli
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

I am Cedric Musema Sinamuli, a graduate student at the University of Waterloo (Ontario) and I'm from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am in possession of a collection of ten paintings. These paintings depict the traditional Congolese society and are realized with clay on tissues such that it is possible to coil them.

All the paintings have been done in 2012 and the techniques used by the artists are very particular that you can only find them in central Africa .

I hope these paintings will interest you. Here is a short description of them...

Title size (inches) artist name

1. painting1 25 * 14.5 J. Kaba
2. painting2 24 * 15 J. Kaba
3. painting3 23.5 * 15.5 J. Kaba
4. painting4 23.5 * 16 J. Kaba
5. painting5 24.5 * 14.5 J. Kaba
6. painting6 25 * 14 J.Kaba
7. painting7 23.5 * 15.8 J. Kaba
8. painting8 24.8 * 14.3 Mayeko
9. painting9 23.5 * 15.7 J. Kaba
10.painting10 23.2 * 15.6 J. Kaba


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