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Talent Kapadza

by Talent Kapadza

I live in Bulawayo and am a resident artist at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. My inspiration is African contemporary life, what I see and feel around me; people, landscapes, cityscapes.

I use mixed media including enhanced photographic images and clear vinyl on mirror. Textures are my passion and I like to create layer upon layer of different splashes creating a web of strokes that find balance in what appears to be chaotic application of paint. Each colour amazingly stands out and draws the eye near into a world of abstraction.

My paintings represent the abstract nature of the palette, the air waves and the Wi-fi that we search for every day constantly. The intangible nature of air waves is represented with my abstract strokes and the nature of air waves by drip and splashes of lines intertwining in the atmosphere.

The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness. And if we want a new world each of us must start taking responsibility for helping to create it. People must strengthen their internal influence and come to know their own mind in order to understand how it works by using their intellect; whence will come decision making, judgement, discrimination, reasoning and will power.


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