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the changing role of women

by stephanie bester
(east london south africa)

For years I have been known as a nurse or ˝the doctor’s wife˝, roles I gladly accepted, but knowing that the seeds of something far bigger lay dormant within me, waiting to bud.

My adventurous spirit and encouragement from my husband, Paul, allowed destiny to take over. We moved to the the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape Province where I commenced my studies in Fine Art followed by a Masters Degree in Visual Art.

Through flying and a Private Pilot’s license, I have overcome my personal barriers of fear and was filled with a completely new lust for life, hence my art career.

At first I saw my art as therapy for the child I could never have, but spending time giving life to my artworks nurtured something in me, and helped me grow and discover an innate passion for creating art pieces which gave me a new confidence with the result each day is filled with anticipation.

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